Our Mission

Innovate. Build. Serve. Disrupt. 
Scale up. Global connectivity. 
Catalysts of success for over 30 years.

Our Work

Walden Catalyst is led by two icons of deep tech.
Lip-Bu Tan and Young Sohn.
Founders, collaborators, and creative spirits for over thirty years.
And now joined by pathbreakers in their own right:
Shankar Chandran, Roni Hefetz, Francis Ho, and Andrew Kau.

Our focus is data, deep tech, AI, cloud, fintech, and digital biology.
We invest across the US, Europe, and Israel. 

We look for rare entrepreneurial potential. 
And offer early-stage investments,
operational expertise, and
global reach when we find it.

We are Walden Catalyst — partners to power the future of technology.

Our Legacy

Integrity. Expertise. Partnership.*
150 years of combined industry experience.
560 companies empowered in a dozen countries.
$3.5bn of committed capital over the last thirty years.
124 IPOs on fifteen exchanges around the world.

Walden Catalyst—join us.

* Statistics represent Walden Catalyst team members’ aggregated prior experience