CB Insights Names Voltron Data Category Leader for Accelerated Compute in 2024

Voltron Data named to the CB Insights AI 100 that showcases the 100 most promising private AI companies of 2024

“AI is taking off at lightning speed, and it’s not just big tech companies at the forefront of it. Our AI 100 winners – many of them early stage startups, some with very small teams – are pushing the boundaries of AI in everything from game development and battery design to agentic AI systems.” Deepashri Varadharajan, director of AI research at CB Insights

Last December, Voltron Data launched Theseus, the industry’s first accelerator-native distributed query engine built to leverage the latest hardware and software innovations to solve data challenges too big and time-sensitive for Spark. Today Theseus is being used by enterprises and government agencies facing the biggest data challenges, and HPE is the first partner to embed Theseus as its accelerated data processing engine as part of HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics Software.

Theseus is built from the ground up to help organizations take advantage of GPUs and full system hardware accelerators such as high bandwidth memory, accelerated networking and storage. Theseus points to data where it lies and uses hardware accelerator’s sheer computational power to analyze massive data in seconds instead of hours. Because Theseus enables data processing on GPU, organizations can now run data analytics and AI/ML pipeline on the same infrastructure - while lowering vendor lock-in risk, energy consumption and data center footprint.

Last month at NVIDIA GTC, Voltron Data announced that it has significantly advanced spilling out of GPU memory performantly in Theseus making it the first petabyte scale query engine for large scale data processing. Ingesting petabytes of data for analytics takes enterprises hours to days today, and now queries can run directly on uningested data in a matter of seconds and minutes. This opens a whole new class of use cases for organizations limited by CPU-based data systems.

“GPUs are ideal for the whole data pipeline, not just computationally hard things such as AI/ML. Theseus enables organizations to fully leverage GPUs for data processing at scale, regardless of the industry, the use case or where the data system is deployed - on-premises, air-gapped or in the cloud.” Josh Patterson,co-founder and CEO of Voltron Data.

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