Interview with Vikram Chatterji, co-founder and CEO of Galileo

Overhauling the most 'soul-sucking' part of Machine Learning

In this Interview Shankar Chandran, Partner at Walden Catalyst sits down with the co-founder and CEO of Galileo, Vikram Chatterji.

Galileo Helps Data Scientists Build Better Machine Learning (ML) Models, 10x Faster, Through Better Training Data.
Before Galileo, there was not a tool on the market for debugging and fixing unstructured data during the ML workflow so data scientists spent a vast majority of their time data-debugging in Excel sheets and Python scripts, causing the productionization of high quality models to take months.
"We would ask teams, 'How do you solve this problem?' And they'd say with Excel sheets and Python scripts," Chatterji said. "It's a soul-sucking part of our job."

Galileo raised $18 Million in Series A Led by Battery Ventures with participation of Walden Catalyst Ventures.