The European Deep Tech Report

In collaboration with Dealroom and Lakestar

Massive breakthroughs are accelerating on several fronts

In Dealroom's 2021 report, they highlighted the huge potential for Deep Tech in Europe.
Indeed, European Deep Tech had its best year with over $22B in funding, and billion
dollar exits.

Since then we also saw huge breakthroughs in key segments like quantum
computing (with the first 100+ qubit processor and near error-free quantum
computing in silicon-based devices being proven), nuclear fusion (almost tripling
the record for the amount of energy produced), space tech (Starlink providing
internet coverage to Ukraine, James Webb Space Telescope, new missions to the
moon), generative AI (Dall-E moving to commercial uses, Stable Diffusion text to
image generative AI launch, ChatGPT reaching 1M users in 5 days) and much more.

We are still only scratching the surface

In 2021, Dealroom also pointed out the still largely unlocked potential in Europeʼs leading
academic institutions and the need for closer collaboration between the different
actors in the ecosystem to support Europeʼs most promising Deep Tech startups.

A number of key questions which remain open form the centre of this year report:

● How is Deep Tech evolving? What is the state of European Deep Tech?
● Which are the emerging areas in Deep Tech?
● How can we accelerate European Deep Tech further?
● Can we unlock the potential in academia & scientific research?

Please download the full report to deep dive into the European deep tech landscape.

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