The Next Wave: Technology Megatrends

In the first episode of 2021, Young Sohn sits down with Alex van Someren, Managing Partner of the Early Stage Funds at Amadeus Capital for a fascinating look and discussion on today’s key technology megatrends – AI, Quantum Computing, and Cybersecurity from the lens of promising global startups.

Mr. Someren shares how companies should think about addressing sensitive elements in AI such as bias detection, algorithm drift issues (decreased accuracy over time), binary neural networks, as well as how the security industry is addressing organizational issues such as data breaches, ransomware attacks, and security models that are focusing on an inside-out approach.

About The Next Wave:
The global crisis has exposed the world to new threats and vulnerabilities, but also many new opportunities. Are you ready for the next wave?
Join Founding Managing Partner Walden Catalyst, Chairman of the Board HARMAN International, and former Samsung President and Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn as he unpacks the brave new world of technology and business with some of the leading minds driving the next economy.