The Next Wave: The 5 Generation Wave & Data-Centric Era

Special Episode with Lip-Bu Tan

In the latest episode of “The Next Wave,” Young Sohn sat down with friend, colleague and fellow Founding Managing Partner of Walden Catalyst Ventures, Lip-Bu Tan. During their fireside chat, they discussed the current state of technology and venture capital – including what Tan called the five-generation wave. Young highlighted the customer experience when he discussed his 4 C’s – coronavirus, cloud, chips and the consumer.

Both visionaries also highlighted the importance of data in today’s digital world. As part of this data wave, they discussed the rise of biology 2.0 – the combination of biology and the IT world.
Young, Lip-Bu, and the Walden Catalyst team believe that data, technology and innovation have the capability to change our daily lives for the better.

About The Next Wave:
The global pandemic has exposed the world to new threats and vulnerabilities, but also many new opportunities. Are you ready for the next wave? Join Founding Managing Partner Walden Catalyst, Chairman of the Board, HARMAN and Senior Advisor, Samsung Electronics, Young Sohn, as he unpacks the brave new world of technology and business with some of the leading minds driving the next economy.