The Next Wave: Unleashing New Frontiers – From Chips to Industries

In a rare interview following the recent announcement of its acquisition by NVIDIA, Arm CEO, Simon Segars, sits down with Young Sohn, for a fascinating deep dive into the future of computing, communications, and global commerce – including 5G, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and hyper-secure networks.

No company in the world has had a greater influence on the age of mobile computing than Arm. Over 180 billion semiconductor chips built on their efficient, low power designs provide the key architecture for the essential devices of modern life - from smartphones to personal computers, to data centers. Moreover, Arm-based chips promise to be the backbone of the coming Internet of Things age – a world where everyday objects such as lightbulbs, refrigerators, even sneakers are connected to the internet.
And Arm is about to get a lot more influential. The recent announcement of a colossal $40 billion acquisition deal by tech-giant NVIDIA means that, unless you live off the grid, Arm-based chips will be a permanent part of your daily life.

About The Next Wave:
The global crisis has exposed the world to new threats and vulnerabilities, but also many new opportunities. Are you ready for the next wave?
Join Founding Managing Partner Walden Catalyst, Chairman of the Board HARMAN International, and former Samsung President and Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn as he unpacks the brave new world of technology and business with some of the leading minds driving the next economy.