Founded in 2016, ANYbotics is a Swiss robotics company specializing in the development of advanced legged robots for industrial inspection. Its flagship products, ANYmal and ANYmal X, are powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and provide unparalleled performance across multiple industries. ANYbotics' mission is to transform the way heavy industries operate by automating manual and hazardous tasks, enhancing productivity, and improving worker safety. To learn more about ANYbotics' innovative robotic solutions and stay updated on the latest news, visit

Why we invested

“We are thrilled to invest in ANYbotics, a pioneering technology originated at ETH Zurich that combines AI and Reinforcement Learning with robotics to create highly robust and autonomous four-legged robots. This unique technology allows robots to be easily deployable in complex industrial environments, making it an efficient solution for inspection applications in environments that are dangerous for human beings. Moving forward, we see a significant opportunity to leverage the company’s robust mobility platform and locomotion software stack to enable new use cases and expand their addressable market beyond robotic inspection.” Young Sohn, Managing Partner at Walden Catalyst.

“We are deeply impressed with the progress ANYbotics has made in achieving early commercial success in key verticals and establishing trust with marquee customers globally. We are excited to partner with Péter, Fredrik, and the entire team to build the next global leader in robotics.” Nicolas Autret, Partner at Walden Catalyst.

Meet the company