Fungible create a hardware and software platform for advanced data centers. By focusing on the underlying technology that powers server configurations, Fungible supports the future of “data-centric” computing.
In the Fungible Data Processing Unit™, the company has created a bespoke computer chip that is low latency, highly programmable, and can sustain a high throughput. This allows data centers that are high-performance, secure, efficient, and reliable to be built at any scale.

Founded in June 2015, Fungible’s brand-new networking technology allows server infrastructure to be vastly scalable and hyper-disaggregated, with enhanced reliability and security. This corrects inefficiencies within and among server nodes, improving performance when working with large quantities of data.

Each of Lip-Bu Tan and Young Sohn teams have been actively engaged with Fungible, including serving as Fungible Board members helping to drive $237 million in financing.

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