Galileo’s mission is to create data intelligence tools for unstructured data ML practitioners. With more than 80% of the world's data being unstructured and recent model advancements massively lowering the barrier to utilizing the data for enterprise ML, there is an urgent need for the right data-focused tools to build high performing models fast. Galileo is based in San Francisco and backed by Battery Ventures, Walden Catalyst and The Factory. 

Why we invested:

“At Walden Catalyst, we’ve observed an exponential adoption of ML with unstructured data in enterprises as models get commoditized and ML accuracy is now increasingly dependent on the quality of the data the models are fed. At Apple, Google and Uber AI, the founders of Galileo faced the challenges of not having any solutions while working with unstructured data to find and fix ML data errors fast. They are tackling this fundamental problem head on with a first to market solution. This is a huge and critical problem in a rapidly growing enterprise market and we are excited to back them” Lip-Bu Tan

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