Graphcore is the first company in the world to make processors designed specifically for machine intelligence computing. Their brand new Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) technology has been built from the ground up, with an eye on transforming the work of a wide array of industries. The IPU allows AI researchers to explore entirely new areas of technology, driving advances in machine intelligence.

Officially founded in Bristol, UK in the summer of 2016, Graphcore has now launched a series of IPU processors. These easy-to-use, flexible units are optimized specifically for machine intelligence workloads and are supported by IPU cloud and server systems. They allow global innovators to build advanced products and services, testing ideas on a fast and efficient platform.

Today Graphcore has offices in Bristol, London, Cambridge, Palo Alto, Oslo, Beijing, Hsinchu, Seoul, New York, Seattle, Austin, Munich, Paris, and Tokyo. Samsung Catalyst provided Series A funding for Graphcore in late 2016.

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