Habana Labs are at the cutting-edge of AI processor development. Founded in 2016, Habana work to improve processing performance, cost and power consumption. Whilst outsourcing production as a fabless manufacturer, Habana design semiconductor chips specifically for training deep neural networks and for inference deployment in production environments. They are a global operator, with bases in Tel-Aviv, Israel, San Jose, California, Gdansk, Poland and Beijing, China.

Serial Israeli entrepreneur Avigdor Willenz co-founded Habana, and in his time as Chairman secured the Series A investment from Lip-Bu Tan as a Managing Director of WRVI Capital. Samsung Catalyst subsequently invested in Habana’s Series B round in 2017 at the pre-product engineering phase.

Both teams helped to accelerate Habana’s rapid progress, including through introductions to key Hyperscale customers and partners such as Samsung and Intel. They ultimately completed a $2bn exit with Intel in 2019, just three years after the company was founded.

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