Opaque is the first confidential computing platform that enables secure data sharing, multi-party analytics and machine learning on encrypted data. Confidential Computing protects data by performing computations in hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments, but running analytics and sharing data between parties has been a major challenge for organizations.

Opaque was founded by the inventors of the open source project MC2, which leverages secure hardware enclaves and cryptographic fortification for secure, fast and scalable analytics.

Why we invested

"Confidential computing has been needed for many years, but it has always faced significant performance and deployment hurdles. Opaque is now making confidential computing completely frictionless. The opportunity to work with such a promising company is truly an honor. It's an understatement to say that we don't come across teams that are this strong and this accomplished every day. This is truly the right team at the right time in a market that is poised for explosive growth." Young Sohn, Founding Managing Partner at Walden Catalyst Ventures

Meet the company