As the semiconductor industry continues to push the boundaries of chip manufacturing, the need for advanced metrology tools grows more critical. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our investment in Nearfield Instruments.


Rivos aims to build industry-leading power efficient, high performance, secure server solutions based on RISC-V, using workload-defined hardware.


Voltron Data, the company accelerating modular and composable data analytics systems, today announced that it has been named to the CB Insights AI 100 that showcases the 100 most promising private AI companies of 2024.


MindsDB offers an open-source platform that connects data sources with AI models and automates how data flows between them.


Opaque Gateway early access: Opaque Gateway is a flexible software solution that verifiably addresses data privacy, security, and sovereignty concerns, increases the flexibility of enterprise Generative AI deployments.


The multimodal artificial intelligence (MMAI) test is the first AI-enabled tool recognized in national guidelines for both predictive and prognostic performance


Clarity Raises $16M in Seed Funding led by Walden Catalyst and Bessemer Venture Partners


Voltron Data Acquires Claypot AI As It Unlocks the Power of the Largest Datasets for AI


Ingonyama is a next-generation semiconductor company focusing on Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP or ZK) hardware acceleration. The company’s mission is to lower the barrier of entry to ZKPs by making them inexpensive, accessible and fast.


ArteraAI Receives Medicare Payment Rate for the ArteraAI Prostate Cancer Test: This is the first-of-its-kind AI-enabled test to provide predictive and prognostic results


Nature Biotechnology’s annual survey highlights academic start ups that are correcting misfolded or disordered proteins, creating second-generation GPCR agonists, building a new gene delivery platform and mining cancer genomes for novel targets.


Many enterprise teams have already deployed LLMs in production. However, for enterprise AI teams, the biggest hurdle to deploying production-ready Generative AI products remains the fear of model hallucinations. Discover Galileo's LLM Hallucination Index


AI21 Labs' vision for reliable enterprise AI has been boosted by further funding from Intel Capital and Comcast Ventures.


Artera's multi-modal AI test has been successfully validated for advanced prostate cancer. In collaboration with the UCL Cancer Institute, Artera validated its model on various trials, and have shown that it can effectively prognosticate patient outcomes.


Combining experimental and computational tools, Peptone is targeting disordered regions of proteins previously thought to be undruggable.


Generative AI tools are on the rise. For LLMs to provide value, they must be able to operate on all data. Today’s policies dictate what data can and cannot be shared. While such regulations are critical to protect our privacy, it creates enormous friction.


We’re thrilled to announce the completion of a successful Series C funding round of $155 million at a valuation of $1.4 billion, marking a major milestone AI21 Labs journey to bring reliable AI to the enterprise.


Ingonyama presents their ZK movie for a general audience. The company is not just navigating today’s challenges but preparing for a future in which Zero-Knowledge is a cornerstone of our online interactions.


New AHA president Joseph Wu (Greenstone Bio) is a pioneering scientist with an adventurous backstory.


Revolutionizing Industrial Inspection with its Four-Legged Robotic Workforce.


ANYbotics Secures $50M Series B Funding to Revolutionize Industrial Inspection with its Four-Legged Robotic Workforce


Walden Catalyst Ventures leads investment round to support high-volume operations


AI21 Labs partners with Amazon to offer top-performing, easily accessible foundation models


With the shared mission to improve the lives of those touched by cancer, both parties collaborate in the fight against the disease


Enhancing the Writing Experience for Hundreds of Millions of People Around the World


Who will be the next health tech success story?


Artera Launches with $90 Million in Funding to Personalize Cancer Therapy With Multimodal AI


Wordtune Spices: AI21 Labs intros an AI writing assistant that cites its sources


Our New Investment in Galileo


Our New Investment in Opaque Systems


Our New Investment in Peptone


Our New Investment in Voltron Data


Portfolio News: Our Investment in MindsDB.


Portfolio News: Our investment in Voltron Data